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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 00:54

Lockdown eases further in Wales with shops and schools fully reopening

Lockdown restrictions are easing in Wales today, including through the full return of children to schools for face-to-face education.

From today, schools, colleges and training centres will be able to open for all students, while university campuses will be able to open for blended learning for all students as lockdown restrictions are eased.

In addition, all remaining shops and close contact services will be allowed to reopen, and wedding ‘show-arounds’ will be allowed by appointment. Restrictions on travelling into and out of Wales have also been lifted, however, international travel restrictions remain in place.

Further easements, including the reopening of outdoor attractions and outdoor hospitality, could take place from 26 April.

Wales has made significant progress in tackling the pandemic and currently has the lowest case rate of all four UK nations. The latest 7-day coronavirus case rate in Wales is 17.6 per 100,000 people, the lowest level in more than 7 months.

Lockdown restrictions are also being eased seperately in England today.

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