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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 22:33

Thousands Take Part In #March4Women In Battle For Equality

Photo Credit: @davechapman on Twitter

Londoners across the city marched this afternoon for gender equality as part of #March4Women, 100 years since the first women got the vote in the UK.

Recap our live updates here and watch how the march unfolded.




London Mayor Sadiq Khan has received cheers as he told a crowd at the march – “Unlike the President of the United States, I am a Proud Feminist!”



Many trade unions are taking part in the march this afternoon.


Lots of women enjoying the march as they push the battle for equality.

Here are some of the latest scenes coming in from Trafalgar Square…

People of all ages have been taking part in the march 



The march has been organised in association with Care International UK 

Trafalgar Square is starting to get very busy now as more and more marchers pile in.

After starting the march outside the House of Lords, many participants are starting to arrive at Trafalgar Square.


Many organisations and celebrities are supporting the march.


A large number of people are taking part in the march, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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