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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 – 21:22
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Latest on Brexit after third defeat for Withdrawal Agreement

On Friday, MPs in the UK House of Commons voted against Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

This vote marks the third time the Prime Minister’s deal has been defeated, with it losing by 58 votes on Friday afternoon. The vote this time was only on the withdrawal agreement, rather than this and the articles on the future relationship, which go together to make the exit deal.

Theresa May has faced calls to resign following the defeat, though her resignation at this time seems unlikely. This week, Theresa May announced she would step down after her Brexit Deal has been approved. Suggestions of a a general election have also spread – though the House of Commons appears divided on whether this would solve the issue of Brexit.

On Monday, MPs will continue the process of indicate voting started earlier this work. It is thought that MPs may vote again on the options of a customs union and a confirmatory public vote on the Brexit deal, if it is passed.

Reports suggest that Downing Street have not completely given up hope on passing the PM’s Brexit Deal – a forth vote could take place next week, though Mrs May is running out of options – the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow has ruled that the same vote cannot keep being repeated, and changes are necessary for a vote to be allowed.

The fresh defeat for the government came on the day the UK was meant to leave the EU under the original terms of Article 50. Protesters outside Parliament and in Parliament Square complained about the Brexit delay. As it stands, the UK could crash out of the bloc under a no-deal scenario as the legal default on 12 April if no reasonable progress is made. The European Council will meet on 10 April to discuss any progress and a potential further extension to Article 50.

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