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Sunday, 21 July 2024 – 09:19

Week in Review: Fallout from Johnson’s resignation continues

The fallout of Boris Johnson’s resignation grew after the Privileges Committee report into whether he lied to the House of Commons was published. The report recommended a 90 day suspension for the former prime minister, which if accepted by the House, would have seen a recall petition process and possible by-election in his constituency. Uxbridge and South Ruislip will still vote at a by-election in the coming weeks, after Johnson’s resignation became official earlier in the week

Despite Johnson being out of Parliament, Partygate is never far from the news. Footage emerged this week of the party that took place in CCHQ – Conservative Campaign Headquarters – during the December 2020 lockdown. The footage shows several staffers working on Shaun Bailey’s campaign for Mayor of London dancing and drinking, whilst talking about ‘bending the rules’. The footage has sparked a renewed consideration of the event by police.

It was also London tech week this week, in which the front door of Number 10 was transformed into binary code. The week was aimed at attracting tech investment into the United Kingdom.

From tech week to a tech-entrepraneur, Daniel Korski – a former advisor to David Cameron and now a self-styled tech entrepreneur – was one of three candidates shortlisted as the Conservatives candidate for Mayor of London. The others were Susan Hall, a member of the London Assembly, and Mozammel Hossain KC, a Bangladeshi-born barrister who hadn’t publicly announced his candidacy until he had made the shortlist.

Further afield
The week began with news of the death of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The media-mogul and ex-owner of AC Milan was known for his controversial remarks and involvement in multiple scandals. He is often considered to be the beginning of many of the populist figures that later came to dominate early 21st century politics.

Vladimir Putin has threatened NATO not to get more deeply involved in the Russia-Ukraine war. This comes after the beginning of the Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian troops in Ukraine.

At least 78 people have died after migrant boat carrying up to 750 sunk near Greece. It is one of the worst disasters related to the migrant crisis in recent years and prompted Pakistan to hold a day of mourning after many Pakistanis were amongst those killed.

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