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Sunday, 23 June 2024 – 02:46

UK General Election to be held on July 4

Standing outside Downing Street on Wednesday, Rishi Sunak announced that the UK will go to the polls for a General Election on July 4.

The announcement, which was seen as a surprise to many, marks the official start of the campaign for the first UK General Election since 2019 – back when Boris Johnson won the Conservatives an 80-seat majority.

Parliament will be dissolved on Thursday 30 May, and each political party will then fully launch into campaigning for the election. Sunak announced the election outside Downing Street, talking of a choice between himself and Sir Keir Starmer as Prime Minister. While making the announcement, Sunak was soaked by heavy rain, while his speech was also somewhat drowned out by protesters at the end of Downing Street playing the song ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ – the anthem of Labour’s 1997 landslide victory.

Reacting to the election being called, Sir Keir Starmer said it was ‘a chance to change for the better.’

650 seats in the Houses of Parliament will be up for election, with the largest party overall expected to form a government.

The deadline to register to vote for the election is Tuesday 18 June. Voters will also need a valid form of photo ID to cast their vote in the upcoming election.

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