Thursday, 30 June 2022 – 21:08

Major shift of Brexit opinion

Parliament may have broken for summer, but that does not mean that the Prime Minister’s Brexit woes are far from over. 

In recent weeks, two key campaigns have bolstered support for a second referendum, undermining the Prime Minister’s position. 

The first is a poll published by Sky News. Their survey reveals:

  • The government is ‘haemorrhaging trust’ regarding Brexit;
  • Two thirds of the public – including according to Sky, a ‘majority of Leave voters’ now think the outcome of the negotiations will be bad for the UK; 
  • There has been a ‘significant increase’ in the proportion who think Brexit will negatively affect ‘themselves, the economy and the country overall’; 
  • Most people surveyed would like a second referendum; and, 
  • Just 10% of people think the government is doing a good job. 

Accompanying this, the Prime Minister’s personal approval rate has hit a new low, with 74% currently dissatisfied with her performance. The Ipsos MORI survey of 1,023 people found only a quarter believe she will secure a good deal in negotiations. 

This survey also shows an increasing support for a second referendum. 50% of those asked support a second referendum. This would ask voters to choose between supporting the government deal, no deal or remaining in the EU. 

This joins the second major campaign from The Independent. The campaign that was launched just four days ago, has attracted support from Leavers and Remainers. 

More than 380,000 have now signed the petition calling for a Final Say referendum on the government’s Brexit deal. 

Combined, these campaigns come as Theresa May’s efforts to bypass Brussels and deal directly with the European Union nations have been rebuffed, appearing to push Britain further towards a no-deal scenario. 

If the Sky News survey is to be trusted, then it is clear that if there was another referendum there is a high possibility that the 2016 result would be overturned as 42% of people think Brexit will negatively impact them, compared to 31% who think otherwise. 65% of people now think that the government will get a bad deal for Britain, an increase of 15 points including 51% of Leave voters. 

In recent weeks, the Prime Minister had taken a leading role in achieving her Chequers Plan. After this, it was suggested that if her plan was successful she alone would reap the rewards. However, this is a major blow to the Brexit policy, and to the Prime Minister personally. 

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