Friday, 19 August 2022 – 11:56

Corbyn calls for no confidence vote

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has told the House of Commons that he was calling for a no confidence vote in the Prime Minister Theresa May, over he mishandling of Brexit. This is largely a symbolic gesture, and was spurred by the Prime Minister’s decision not to put her Brexit plan to vote immediately. 

Mr Corbyn in the House of Commons early today, December 17, said “This is unacceptable in anyway whatsoever.” Earlier today, May said she intended to hold the vote on her Brexit plan in the week starting January 14, but refused to specific when.

In response, Mr Corbyn continued – “A responsible prime minister would, for the good of this country, put this deal before the House”. 

The motion does not target the whole government however, given the intricacies of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, which was initially designed to prevent a breakdown of the previous Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition. The wording of the motion was instead targeted directly at Mrs May, as under the Fixed Term act, the process would not trigger the steps to a general election necessarily. 

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