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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 07:16

Anger provoked around multiple topics as Brexit negotiations continue

The EU has said it is ready to extend the proposed length of the post-Brexit transition period if the UK wants to do so.

Speaking on Friday, Jeane Claude-Juncker said “This prolongation of the transition period probably will happen.

“That’s a good idea, it’s not the best idea the two of us have had but I think it is giving us some room to prepare the future relationship in the best way possible.”

These comments came after the EU decided to scrap plans for a November summit sign-off, sending the Brexit timeline of course again.

Talk of an extension to the proposed length of the post-Brexit transition period has caused anger amongst Theresa May’s Conservative Party colleagues, and also confusion within the Cabinet on her position on the subject. Mrs May has since called a transition delay ‘only an option’, with the DUP saying an extended transition period means the UK will continue to “pay but have no say”.

DUP Deputy Leader, Nigel Dodds MP said, ‘An extension of the transition period offers does nothing significant on the key issue of the unacceptable EU backstop proposals’.

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Anger has also been caused after the Brexit secretary Dominic Raab suggested that a Commons ‘meaningful vote’ choice will simply be “take it or leave it”. Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn accused Mr Raab of “arrogance” and has said that MPs must have the chance to amend any deal brought to the Commons.

Dominic Grieve, the Conservative MP who led the calls for a meaningful vote, has now demanded a “very rapid assurance” from the government that the Commons will be able to amend any potential Brexit deal.

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