Sunday, 3 July 2022 – 22:07
UK Houses of Parliament

All 8 alternative Brexit options defeated by MPs

In a series of indicative votes, MPs have defeated all 8 alternative Brexit ideas on Wednesday night. 

MPs could not find majority support for any of the eight proposed options, which included;

  • No deal (Baron)
  • Common market 2.0 (Boles)
  • EFTA and EEA (Eustice)
  • Customs Union (Clarke)
  • Labour’s alternative plan (Corbyn)
  • Revocation to avoid no-deal (Cherry)
  • Confirmatory public vote (Beckett)
  • Managed no-deal (Fysh)

Supporters of the indicative vote process say that they did not expect any option to receive a majority last night and that this is only the start of a process. MPs could vote on some of these options again on Monday in order to try and break the deadlock.

The No-Deal option was heavily defeated, whereas the Customs Union and Confirmatory Public Vote plans proved the most popular, and importantly received more votes than Theresa May’s Brexit Deal, which was also heavily defeated earlier this month.

Some will be hoping that last night’s vote will give real momentum to calls for a People’s Vote, or a second referendum on Brexit. Theresa May, on the other hand, is against the use of the indicative vote process, not least because it takes control of Brexit away from the government. The Prime Minister is still hoping to present her deal to the House of Commons for a meaningful vote three by the end of the week, likely on Friday. After offering her resignation on completion of the deal, Mrs May has gained some potential supporters of the deal, including ERG members Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson. However, the DUP has said they would still vote against the deal, should it be brought back to the House of Commons.

While Wednesday’s indicative vote process may not have shown a clear option which MPs support, it could be the start of a continuing process to break the deadlock, if Mrs May cannot get her deal to pass. The UK is now due to leave the UK on 12 April if no agreement is made and no extension is requested and approved.


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