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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 10:05

Report: Theresa May lays out ‘hard facts’ in Brexit speech

Theresa May has laid out her five-point plan for Brexit – a day after clashing with European Council president Donald Tusk in a meeting at Downing Street. May laid out her plan in her final ‘Road To Brexit’ speech to an audience at Mansion House in London.

The Prime Minister started her speech by thanking volunteers, first responders and emergency services staff for their work across the country during the current period of snow in the UK, saying their ‘contribution is a special part of who we are as a country.’ Talk quickly turned to Brexit though, with may announcing ‘we are now approaching a crucial moment, there is no escaping the complexity of the task ahead of us.’

May quickly set out her five-point plan for Brexit, stating that an agreement made with the EU must;

1. Respect the result of the referendum
2. It must endure
3. It must protect jobs & security
4. It must preserve our diversity & values
5. It must strengthen our union; bring our country back together

PM May also told the audience that both sides are ‘close to an agreement’ on the terms of a transition period, as well as setting out her plans for the UK to be part of multiple EU agencies, including European Aviation Agency, Chemicals agency, Pharma Agency and more.

However, the speech did not reveal all the facts – May’s comments of ‘This is a negotiation, and neither of us can have exactly what we want’ caused a stir on social media as people felt they were not being told anything new. 

The Prime Minister did however, make clear her position on the single market – ”I want to be straight with people. We all need to face up to some hard facts. We are leaving the single market. Life is going to be different.” 

In her speech, May put an emphasis on working together – “We chose to leave; we have a responsibility to help find a solution. But we can’t do it on our own. It is for all of us to work together.”

The PM concluding her speech with a message for the EU – “We know what we want, we understand your principles, we have a shared interest in getting this right, so let’s get on with it.”


There have been mixed reactions to May’s latest Brexit speech. The Labour Party and its MP’s were quick to make their opinions known…


Nicola Sturgeon has posted about a ‘lack of progress’ shown in May’s speech…

DUP Leader, Arlene Foster has backed May’s speech…

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has confirmed he is stranded in Hungary, following his absence from the speech.


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