The Speaker
Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 00:55

MPs to be called to Parliament for special sitting

MPs are to be called to Parliament for a special sitting on Saturday 19 October.

It is thought that the sitting, due to be after a key EU summit, will be used to decide on the future of Brexit. If a deal is agreed, Boris Johnson will ask MPs to approve it, however, if a deal is not agreed, a range of options could be debated by MPs, including pursuing a no-deal, stopping Brexit altogether or maybe holding a form of People’s Vote.

The EU Summit is due to take place on 17&18 October and is considered the last chance for the UK and EU to agree on a deal ahead of the October 31 deadline. However, tensions have been rising this week and a deal has been looking less likely after Angela Merkel reportedly told Mr Johnson that a deal is “overwhelmingly unlikely”.

Parliament was prorogued on Tuesday night, ending the current Parliamentary session and allowing for a Queen’s Speech to take place next week.

The sitting of the House of Commons on a Saturday may usually be considered unprecedented – it has only happened four times since 1939, including due to the outbreak of World War Two and the invasion of the Falkand Islands.

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