Saturday, 2 July 2022 – 18:43

Labour wins byelection in Lewisham East with a smaller margin

Janet Daby, the Labour candidate for Lewisham East, won the byelection in the ardent pro-remain constituency. With a voter turnout of just 33%, Daby won 11,000 votes compard to the Liberal Democrat candidate that came second with just over 5,000. Lucy Salek, the Lib Dem candidate, has hailed her party as the ‘real opposition’ after they overtook the Conservatives to second place.

The byelection was called after Labour MP, Heidi Alexander, parted ways from the role to join Sadiq Khan in his London mayoral office. During the ever-evolving Brexit, a heavily pro-remain constituency was likely to vote Labour or Lib Dem due to the polarisation around the Conservative party’s handling of exiting the EU. Labour winning with a smaller majority coincides with Jeremy Corbyn’s ambiguous stance on Brexit. Labour hold seats across the country that voted heavily for both leave and remain, with many speculating this is why Corbyn remains ambivalent in an effort not to alienate voters.

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