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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 21:49

Just Another Manic Monday? – Summary Of All The Key Resignations & Changes On Monday

It was a particularly manic Monday for Theresa May, who saw key departures from her cabinet following anger over her Chequers Brexit plan. David Davis was the first to depart on late Sunday evening, with Boris Johnson resigning on Monday afternoon. The string of resignations also saw the departures of parliamentary private secretaries Chris Green and Conor Burns.

The resignations opened up the possibility of a leadership challenge. However, none of those resigning explicitly called for Mrs May to go, though Boris Johnson used quite colourful language in order to describe supporting her Brexit policy as like ‘polishing a turd’.

Theresa May will meet with her new-look cabinet on Tuesday, with Jeremy Hunt taking the key role of Foreign Secretary. 


Catch up with all the news you missed from yesterday, and stay with The Speaker as live coverage of Theresa May’s latest Brexit Crisis continues.

Jeremy Hunt to replace Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary

Boris Johnson resigns as foreign secretary

Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns amid Prime Minister’s new proposal

Cabinet agrees a uniform approach to Brexit


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