Friday, 1 July 2022 – 12:06

Javid disagrees with May over blocked 3% pay rise for police

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has admitted that the police does not receive enough resources for their hard work and the “challenges and complexities” they face daily.

The government decided not to grant police officers a 3% pay rise which angered some senior officers. The police were given a 2% pay rise instead. 

Also, the government’s pending watchdog released a report which outlined that police forces were “struggling to deliver effective services to the public” due to cuts.

“I recognise, and it’s something I recognised early on before I was home secretary, that there is a need for more resources,” said Javid.

On Tuesday, Javid expressed his opinion on the matter at the Police Superintendents’ Association Annual Conference. He stated that he was determined to prioritise and fight for the police to receive more funding next year.

“There has been an increase in resources in the last three years. I don’t think it’s enough given the challenges and the complexities and the crimes that you’re facing.
That’s why I’ve said the best time, the best way for me to really make a big difference here – and especially to try and move away from some of the year-on-year, annual changes to longer-term settlements – is through the upcoming spending review, which will start next year.
I’ve already said quite clearly that my priority, for me, will be policing.”

Additionally, a leaked letter showed Javid’s disagreement towards Mrs May’s decision. He stated that she had made the “wrong decision”, in reference to denying the police the 3% pay rise and cutting it to 2%.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick stated that the government’s refusal to give them the 3% pay rise felt like “a punch on the nose”.

She added:

“Although I accept that any final decision is one for the government, it hasn’t been explained very well yet and we have heard no proposal about how to rebuild confidence.
I am sorry to say I do think that decision will have affected morale. I don’t want the government to wait until we are struggling like the prison service with chronic under-staffing.”

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