Thursday, 7 July 2022 – 09:35

SNP MP suspended for “utterly indefensible” lockdown breaches

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier was criticised by the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, after she travelled on a train despite a positive Coronavirus test result; she also attended parliament between being tested and receiving her positive result.

Margaret Ferrier took to Twitter on Thursday evening to apologise for her actions, after finding out that she had tested positive on Monday. During that time she had travelled back to Westminster on a train, potentially infecting other travellers.

It is also believed that she spoke in parliament following her result, with the MP making a statement at 6:20 pm on Monday evening.

She becomes the latest in a string of high profile politicians to flout the lockdown rules, after Jeremy Corbyn and Stanley Johnson had been failing to comply in recent days, and the prime minister’s chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, hit the headlines for a 400 mile round trip to Durham.

It is likely to further undermine confidence in the lockdown regulations amongst the public when politicians have continually been found to break the rules. 

Many of her SNP colleagues have called on her to resign from parliament, with David Linden, an SNP MP that represents a constituency neighbouring her Rutherglen and Hamilton West seat had said she should resign as an MP.

Writing on Twitter Ferrier stated:

“On Saturday afternoon, after experincing mild symptoms, I requested a Covid-19 test which I took that day. Feeling much better, I then travelled to London by train on Monday to attend parliament as planned. This was wrong and I am very sorry for my mistake”.

“I have used Test and Protect and I have notified the House of Commons authorities who have spoken with Public Health England. I have also notified the police of my actions”.

She has had the whip removed by the SNP and is suspended by the party pending an investigation.

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