Thursday, 7 July 2022 – 09:31

Mass gatherings set to be banned in UK from next week

Mass gatherings in the UK are set to be banned from next week under plans amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

On Thursday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stopped short of announcing major shutdowns, however, it is now believed that “various types” of public events will be banned.

Many major sporting events have already been cancelled or postponed, and some public venues have closed their doors. Schools are being advised to remain open, however, some universities have cancelled all face-to-face teaching.

It has been reported that a source in Whitehall has said that the government has drafted emergency legislation to stop mass gatherings and to compensate organisations. The source said;

“Ministers are working with the chief scientific adviser and chief medical officer on our plan to stop various types of public event, including mass gatherings, beginning next week.

“We are also talking to businesses and other bodies about the timing of moving towards much more widespread working from home.”

On Thursday, it was announced that the UK was moving into the delay phase of its response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. Some have raised questions over the UK government’s response to the virus, arguing for further and stricter measures to be introduced.

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