Tuesday, 5 July 2022 – 23:06

Amber Rudd Hopes Report on her Resignation Will Raise Compassion for Immigration in Home Office

Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd is hoping that a report over her resignation during the Windrush scandal will force the Home Office to take a more “compassionate” approach to dealing with immigration.


The Conservative Member of Parliament said that the Home Office would need “strong leadership, transparent procedures, and a much more compassionate approach” in the future, here quoted from Sky News.


Adding to this that, the department “did not have a grip on what was going on”. 


Sir Alex Allan, the Prime Minister’s independent adviser for ministerial standards wrote the report, stating that she “was not supported as she should have been” by her officials.


The Report criticised a number of senior Home Office Officials who worked under Amber Rudd, including Patsy Wilkinson and Hugh Ind, former Director General of Immigration Enforcement.


Ms. Rudd also said that she hoped this report would serve as a “wake-up call” for the Home Office, in light of the poor handling of the Windrush generation and other aspects of immigration.


The MP for Hastings and Rye resigned earlier this year amid the Windrush Scandal, admitting in April that she had misled parliament over targets for removing immigrants.


She was replaced by MP for Bromsgrove Sajid Javid as Home Secretary earlier this year.


The MP remains a Conservative backbencher, though, according to Ms. Rudd this report clears the way for her to be raised back up to the cabinet.

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