Saturday, 2 July 2022 – 13:54

Extinction Rebellion demonstrations continue in capital with marches and nude protests

Climate protests have continued on Friday with Extinction Rebellion protesters marching through the streets of London.

The XR group has been holding a two-week series of protests and demonstrations in the capital against organisations supporting fossil fuels. 

A number of demonstrations took place on Friday, including some activists glueing themselves to structures, while around 60 health professionals staged a die-in protest outside JP Morgan’s Canary Wharf headquarters in order to highlight the bank’s investment in fossil fuels.

Elsewhere, a number of naked and near-naked protests took place, including outside of Barclays and HBSC banks in central London. Slogans such as ‘Blood Money’ and ‘Stop Funding Death’ were written on some of the protestors’ bodies and signage held by the XR group.

Marches through the city also saw activists demand action be taken to tackle climate change. The latest action by the XR group comes after the group has blocked roads and carried out similar protests in recent days aimed at bringing attention to climate issues.

Hundreds of people have been arrested this week in connection with the protests and significant police resources have been put into managing disruption caused by the protestors, it is understood.

Protests as part of the group’s ‘Impossible Rebellion’ are set to continue over the weekend, with the group demanding an end to all new fossil fuel investment ahead of the COP26 climate talks, which are being held in Glasgow this November.

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