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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 05:55
Sophie Brown, CC BY-SA 4.0

Labour To Put Down A Motion Of No Confidence In Government – But Not Yet

A spokesperson for the Labour Party has said the party will “put down a motion of no confidence when we judge it most likely to be successful”.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has become under pressure this afternoon from opposition parties and his own MPs to launch a vote of no confidence.


A statement from the Labour Party said:

“It is clear to us that Theresa May will not renegotiate the deal when she goes to Brussels, and will only be asking for reassurances from EU leaders.

“When she brings the same deal back to the House of Commons without significant changes, others across the House will be faced with that reality.

“At that point, she will have decisively and unquestionably lost the confidence of Parliament on the most important issue facing the country, and parliament will be more likely to bring about the general election our country needs to end this damaging deadlock.”


Multiple opposition parties, including the SNP and the Liberal Democrats have said that they would support a motion of no confidence if it was tabled by the Labour Party tomorrow. The calls come after Theresa May delayed the vote on her Brexit deal, amid fears it would face a heavy defeat in the Commons.

Should Labour wait before starting proceedings for a motion of no confidence as suggested by the party? Comment your thoughts. 

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