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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 07:34

Labour pledge free bus travel for under-25s

A new policy is being unveiled by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, where the party promises to fund free bus travel for under-25s if they win power.

The Labour leader will unveil the new policy by claiming “young people deserve a break.”

Should they win the next general election, Labour are promising to provide the funds for free travel for under-25s to those local councils who take control of their own services, or put theirs into public ownership. Labour claims the new policy could save as many as 13 million young people up to £1,000 each year, at a cost of £1.4bn a year that Labour says will be funded through car taxes.

Corbyn is expected to say that “Young people also tend to be in lower paid, more insecure work, and they spend a higher proportion of their income on travel.” “Giving them free bus travel will make a huge difference to their lives.”

Transport minister Nusrat Ghani described the new policy as “yet another promise from Labour that they have no real ability to deliver.”


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