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Friday, 24 May 2024 – 23:17

Johnson refuses to apologise for Islamophobic comments

The former foreign secretary has been accused of making Islamophobic comments in newspaper article to obtain support within the Conservative Party.

Johnson has refused to apologise for the comments which were highly scrutinised upon being published on Monday.

He compared women in Burkas to “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”.

A source close to Mr Johnson stated that if such views are not communicated, it would mean that they have failed to “speak up for liberal values” and that it would yield “ground to reactionaries and extremists.”

The controversial issue derived from Johnson’s article which he wrote for the Daily telegraph on Monday which commented on Denmark’s burka ban.

While he was arguing against Denmark’s burka ban, he made several discriminatory comments which compared veiled women to “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”.

He had also mentioned that he would “feel entitled” to as a veiled women to remove her veil in his presence at his MP surgery.

His concluding comment of the controversial article stated:

“In Britain today there is only a tiny, tiny minority of women who wear these odd bits of headgear. One day, I am sure, they will go.”

The outcome of this article resulted in an adverse reaction from senior Conservative party members. Brandon Lewis, the party’s chair, had asked Johnson to apologise on Tuesday. 

Muslim cabinet member, Baroness Warsi, stated that Mr Johnson used the issue as a “political football” to “increase poll ratings” within the Conservative party.

She stated:

 “Mr Johnson is making yet another leadership bid, and he will say and do whatever needs to be said and done to make that as successful as he can.

“I hope he will be disciplined but I’m not holding my breath.”



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