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Jobs in Politics

There's probably more job openings available in politics than you may think. While being Prime Minister or a Member of Parliament (MP) may be the most well-known job roles in politics, they are lots of different roles available, both in London and across the country in a location near you.

A job in politics could see you as a policy officer, a constituency or Westminster office manager, a communications assistant, a consultant, a diplomat, a researcher, a teacher, a local government officer, a councillor or a party representative - and they are just a few examples.

There are also jobs that are not directly linked to politics but require political knowledge or skills. Political skills could be useful or sometimes required in fields such as forensic accountancy, journalism, public relations, marketing and business development. Use the search tool below to find your next job in politics.
What Does An Average Day of an MP Look Like?

Read our exclusive interview with Chloe Smith MP to find out more about the job of a member of Parliament and a government minister. 


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