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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 21:58

Jeremy Hunt warns of potential no-deal Brexit

The new foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt warns of “unintended geopolitical consequences” in Brexit negotiations.

Mr Hunt stated that a potential yet accidental no-deal Brexit may be imminent if Brexit negotiators do not change their approach. 

Germany’s minister of foreign affairs, Heiko Maas has stated that he wants the UK to leave the EU with a deal and not a “disorderly Brexit”.

Maas and Hunt held talks in Berlin when he said:

“We know that everyone has to make mutual concessions to get this deal. We know that the European Union has its interests, overall interests, so not just individual member-states but EU institutions. And of course Britain doesn’t want to unnecessarily complicate framework conditions for economic activity, but also security questions, or our foreign policy cooperation. It becomes more difficult anyway as a non-member of the European Union. So, we’ve agreed we will prepare bilaterally for the time after Brexit.”

Hunt said that a no-deal occurrence would be difficult for the UK but would help them profit economically.

The UK has stated that they aim to have a deal in place by October this year.

The UK is due to leave the EU by March 2019 but an agreement is yet to be made especially in terms of trade.


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