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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 – 16:35

Jeremy Hunt attacks businesses over Brexit ‘threats’

Health & Social Care Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has accused companies of being “completely inappropriate” for going public with fears about the progress of Brexit, saying firms speaking out only increase the chances of Britain ending up with a “fudge” deal.

Mr Hunt’s comments, directed towards Airbus and other businesses criticising progress with Brexit, are the strongest comments yet from any Government frontbencher.

On the BBC’s Marr show on Sunday, Mr Hunt said “I just thought it was completely inappropriate for businesses to be making these kind of threats for one simple reason.”

“We are in an absolutely critical moment in the Brexit discussions and what that means is we need to get behind Theresa May to deliver the best possible Brexit – a clean Brexit.”

“What businesses want, and I was in business for 14 years, what they want is clarity and certainty.”

“The more we undermine Theresa May, the more likely we are to end up with a fudge, which I think would be a disaster for everybody.”

The UK boss of Siemens has also said that a no deal Brexit ‘does not look good’.


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