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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 00:06

Jeremy Corbyn calls Theresa May out at PMQs for causing ‘more delays than the Northern Rail’

Labour Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke out against the government’s delay in disclosing detailed information about Brexit plans.

During this week’s PMQs session, Prime Minister Theresa May was asked when the government would finally publish a statement outlining the UK’s future plans after Brexit has been fully implemented.

“This Government has delivered more cancellations and more delays than Northern Rail.”,

said Corbyn, referring to the disastrous new rail timetables from earlier this week.

A Norway-type deal was suggested in Parliament which would mean that the UK would have full access to the single market without retaining their EU membership status.

The Labour party were under scrutiny for their support of a ‘soft Brexit’ and were considered (by the Tories) to be “unhelpful” to the situation at hand.

Despite all this, Theresa May did not respond to a series of Corbyn’s questions and did not disclose the release date of her White Paper which is supposed to outline the UK’s future relationship with the EU.


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