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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 21:55

Iranian tensions and the pipe bomber: Previewing a week in politics

Tory Leadership

The final week! In just over seven days’ time, we will know who our new Prime Minister is. Although the whole contest has seemed like a foregone conclusion, this week will see the final hustings and the last few undecided Tory members sending their ballots in.

We are likely to see the heat turned up on Boris Johnson now, with his candidacy hurtling increasingly towards Downing Street. We are likely to see him held now to a higher standard than his leadership opponent, with possible members of a Johnson cabinet starting to take shape.

Iranian tensions

The story that has been bubbling away for weeks, tensions with Iran are likely to rise yet further in the coming days. After the seizing of Iranian vessels – following the nation breaching their uranium enrichment limitations – tensions have risen further, with Iran attempting to seize a British vessel.

This has resulted in an increased presence in the region, with the United States attempting to form a coalition in order to protect the oil routes through the Iranian Gulf. This is only likely to increase the confrontation between Iran and the west and cause significant tensions, we will only see the situation heat up in the coming week.

Cesar Sayoc

The mail bomber Cesar Sayoc goes on trial this week in the United States. He was arrested on suspicion of mailing bombs to high profile Democratic politicians – notably Trump criticising Democrats – such as Hillary Clinton.

He was also alleged to have sent such packages to prominent Democratic donors, such as George Soros, prompting suspicions that he was motivated by Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Trump, who has heavily criticised the likes of Soros and most of those targeted, is alleged to have been an inspiration for the bomber, likely leading to this becoming a highly political story in the coming week.

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