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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 06:00

IRA claims responsibility for letter bombs

A group calling itself the IRA has taken responsibility for five letter bombs that had been sent to several locations in the UK over the past week. 

The Metropolitan police have discovered the location of four of the bombs, but are still unsure of where the fifth one is. Of the four that have been identified, two letters were sent to London’s City and Heathrow airports, another to Waterloo station, all on March 5, and the fourth that has been found was sent to the University of Glasgow in Scotland on March 6.

No one has been injured and while one of the letters sent to Heathrow airport was opened, it only created a small fire on the package without causing further damage. 

The police identified the group through a recognized codeword sent to a media outlet in Northern Ireland, saying”The claim was allegedly made on behalf of the ‘IRA.'” However, the police did not explicitly say dissidents were responsible for the packages. 

Based on pictures of the packages, it appears they had been sent from the Republic of Ireland, with false sender’s addresses in Dublin written on the outside. All the letters contained the same stamp from a limited 2018 Valentine’s Day set, which included the words “Love Eire”.


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