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Sunday, 21 July 2024 – 07:52

What COVID-19 has taught us

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for many of us, but there are reasons to be positive. The virus pandemic has perhaps taught us some key lessons and led to us appreciating even the smallest things in life. In this article, Nade Ward shares 5 things he thinks COVID-19 has taught us.

Health Over Wealth

Money is important, we all know that, but without a healthy body and mind, there is very little value in anything we do. We have to take pride in ourselves, not in how big our house is, or how expensive our car is, we must love who we are! People come first, before any materialistic necessities.

Life Is A Team Effort

We cannot rely on a single person, organisation or machine to have all the answers… we must work together. Listen to other people’s opinions, share your ideas, discuss problems with people that you trust, you will find everything becomes so much easier. We are all one big team, there is no room for greediness or selfishness.

Time Is Valuable

Experiencing a worldwide pandemic such as COVID-19 makes you realise even the smallest of things in life, embrace each day and remember how lucky you are. Maybe after this, we will have a lot more appreciation for the fact that we get to meet lots of different people every single day! Whether that’s at work, at the shop, at the gym, or even on holiday, maybe now we will initiate more conversations. Why does standing in a queue or sitting in a waiting room have to be so quiet? Why can’t we chat and make friends every day? Imagine a world where, whoever you see, you can say their name and smile as you walk past each other.

Positivity Is Key

Positive thinking usually leads to positive outcomes. Adopting a positive mindset attracts prosperity, peace and happiness. It’s not easy to stay positive all the time, but then nothing in life worth having is, so with such incredible rewards, this is something we should work hard on. Have an emotional first aid kit, similar to if you cut yourself you’d reach for a plaster from a first aid box, well now when you feel emotionally hurt you can open a box and see a picture, the one that always makes you smile no matter what, or a boarding pass from the best holiday you’ve ever had, which brings back fantastic memories, or maybe a phone number for that one person you know will always cheer you up.

We Must Look After The Planet

Our habits will determine the future so we must ensure we leave the next generation with a world in which they can flourish in – a healthy planet with endless amounts of opportunity. Think twice about your actions, is there a safer, more sustainable option? If there is… let’s try that! Once we know the cause of a problem, let’s not allow it to happen again.

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