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Sunday, 19 May 2024 – 18:26

Easter eggs delivered to hospitals amid COVID-19 pandemic

Easter eggs were delivered to hospitals around the UK this Easter amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Many visiting hours are suspended in hospitals and restrictions are in place due to the Coronavirus, but individuals, companies and community groups worked to ensure that NHS staff and children in hospital could still enjoy a chocolate egg even if they couldn’t stay at home with their families.

One company, the Chocolate Society set themselves a challenge to make as many eggs as they could for the NHS in a 24 hour period. The company produced more than 1,800 chocolate eggs, which were given out to NHS staff for Easter.

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Meanwhile, organised the delivery of chocolate eggs to children in hospitals around the UK, wanting to surprise children who may have been separated from their families due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Some shops and supermarkets including Waitrose and John Lewis also gave away thousands of boxes of Easter treats to healthcare staff.

The egg donations to healthcare staff come as the country continues to show their appreciation for the efforts of frontline workers during the Coronavirus pandemic, including through the #Clapforcarers campaign each Thursday at 8pm.


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