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Thursday, 18 April 2024 – 22:33

Explaining Politics in Cuba

When you think of Cuban politics, you think of one man. Fidel Castro.

However, it is more than a decade since the cigar-smoking communist ran the Caribbean island nation, with his brother Raul assuming responsibility in 2008 and Miguel Diaz-Canel becoming the first non-Castro leader in more than half a century, becoming the Cuban president in 2019, although serving as president of the council of ministers (making him the Cuban leader) since 2018.

Cuban politics is unlike almost any other nation on earth, you must throw out all existing knowledge you have of politics; none of it will apply here. And even then, unlocking the Cuban enigma is an implausible task without spending time in the heart of the country itself.

For an introduction to politics in Cuba, click through the tabs below.

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