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World Mental Health Day – Where You Can Access Support

Thursday 10 October 2019 is World Mental Health Day.

Whatever you’re going through right now, remember, it is okay not to be okay – don’t be afraid to talk or to ask for support, which is available for you or anybody that may need it. For support, in particular, if you are a young person, consider checking these resources below – this list is not extensive and more services are available.


On My Mind

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families have produced a one-stop shop, On My Mind, which enables young people to find the exact support that they need. Outlining some of the services available, it is effective in signposting those with mental health issues towards the correct support that they need. Most importantly, it provides young sufferers with what to expect when the access treatment, allowing those with anxiety related issues to prepare themselves for treatment.

The Princes Trust

Specialising with young people who suffer from mental health conditions, or from difficult upbringings, the Princes Trust is geared towards providing the support needed to help every young person succeed. The Princes Trust gives practical and financial support which aim to direct young people towards training, employment and education.


YouthNet brings over 200 members from across the country together to provide support and advice to young people (aged 16-24). As the largest provider of young people’s advice and counselling across the UK, they are well placed to help young people get the support that they need in battling issues.


YoungMinds is a mental health service aimed at providing support for young people and their parents with the support they need to tackle mental unwellness. With helplines for both young people and parents, it enables significant support to be accessible, whilst it also provides opportunities for other young people to campaign on behalf of mental health awareness and support; providing training in dealing with young peoples mental illness and running projects to further treatment access.

NHS, find mental health support services

This article could not possibly cover all of the services out there, but the NHS website allows people to access the services near them. We have focused on national organisations; however, the NHS website allows you to put in your postcode and find local support services.


This list is also featured in our coverage of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

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