Wednesday, 29 June 2022 – 14:42

The week ahead: Previewing a week in politics

No Brexit this week! With Parliament having gone on their originally planned recess for this week – it was reportedly set to be cancelled due to the Brexit process, but the extension until October 31 has seen the parliamentary half term take effect.

Our attention instead turns to Downing Street, with the government and the Labour party continuing discussions over the best course of action for the nation. According to reports, Labour’s John McDonell is insistent on a second referendum to ratify the agreement, with the government staunchly against this position.

The two major parties are also continuing to negotiate over potential membership of a customs union, which would essentially leave the UK in the EU economically but remove us from the European bureaucracy. Labour favour this option, however, the government favour a position that doesn’t prevent us from striking trade deals with non-EU partners, which a customs union would prevent. They are largely operating with the famed have your cake and eat it approach.

Throughout this week we are likely to see the lull in parliamentary action see these negotiations bare more fruit and the way forward from the UK government may become clearer.


This coming week will also see the debate over Representative Ilhan Omar rage on. After her comments on Israel in the last few months, Omar has continued to attract heat, this time for allegedly talking down 9/11.

Omar attempted to raise the treatment of Muslims post-9/11, saying that treatment was unacceptable in the wake of the distaste. However, many of her detractors in the media were not impressed with her comments and questioned her loyalty to America. This has culminated in the president inciting violence against her, whilst tweeting out a video of the attacks – alongside a caption questioning her identity.

The debate has brought to the fore significant elements of racism and suspicion that many in America have against people of colour and has largely demonstrated the point Omar was making. This debate is likely to only go further in the coming days.

Crossing over the Atlantic, the unrest in Sudan that has seen the toppling of two leaders in a matter of days is unlikely to go quiet. Despite two leaders abdicating in a week, change has largely yet to come forth. This has led the protest to largely continue and could yet come to a head again over the next week.

Whilst heading north, the debate over the solution to the Israel-Palestine conundrum looks less likely to be solved. After winning a fifth term as president of Israel last week, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to annex the parts of the west bank. This is likely to lead to increasing debate over the coming week about the solutions for the decade’s long conflict, whilst renewing calls for international intervention.

Most international actors support a two-state solution, however, in practice, this has never materialised. This issue is likely to see increasing violence in the region over the coming weeks and could dominate the news waves for some time.

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