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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 06:52

Stranded in Europe? – previewing a week in politics

Leave those seatbelts securely fastened and prepare for yet more turbulence and maybe delay as Boris Airways Flight UK51 departs for Brexit land. You could fly to Brexit land in true British style on British Airways, however, the pilots have gone on strike, so we wouldn’t bother travelling to the airport. But don’t worry, we’re sure our European friends will let you use the WiFi while you’re stranded, just so you can watch the thousands of memes of Jacob Rees Mogg taking a lye down in the House of Commons on one of the most important nights in recent political times…

As if this week hasn’t been enough for weird and whacky politics, much more is just around the corner. An Aer Lingus pilot reportedly told passengers on a flight this week to expect turbulence as they travelled over Britain, only to be met with sniggers throughout the cabin.

Whether you’re angry, confused or just agree that politics in the UK is a complete mess, we’ve got a preview of what to prepare yourself for this week. Politics has been quite heavy this week, so I’ve tried to make things a bit more interesting. However, if you don’t appreciate my quite possibly bad attempt at satire, then you can listen to our podcast here for a slightly different look at the week’s events and what’s to come.

So, where to start? Well, I guess we should start in Bristol where Brenda is probably becoming very frustrated at the looming prospect of an early general election. Not many people are very happy in politics this week, but we suspect there are a few grins on the faces of those at Brexit Party HQ who will likely be relishing the prospect of an early general election.

It is expected that MPs will be asked to vote again on Monday for whether they want to hold an early general election – just days after they were last asked and rejected the Prime Minister’s offer. It is understood that opposition party leaders, including the ‘chlorinated chicken’ – that’s Jeremy Corbyn by the way according to Boris Johnson at PMQs – will once again block the request, saying that they cannot trust the Prime Minister to not take the UK out of the EU under a no-deal scenario.

There have been suggestions in recent days that Boris Johnson plans to refuse to go to Brussels and request an extension to Article 50. Some have commented that the Prime Minister could find himself behind bars for breaking the law after opposition MPs passed legislation trying to block a no-deal Brexit. It is understood that the PM’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings will likely be devising a plan to get around the new legislation.

In actual elections and the people of Tuvalu are set to head to the polls this week. You’re probably sitting there asking, where? Well, Tuvalu is actually an independent island nation within the British Commonwealth, made up of 9 islands with a total population of around one of the UK’s smallest cities.

In the US, Storm Dorian is starting to ease away, having caused havoc in recent days. North Korea has also been hit by other storms, as reported here.

And finally, the UK Parliament is expected to be suspended this week, probably from Tuesday. Parliament will return a bit after conference season in mid-October. That’s probably good news for Jacob Rees-Mogg, who won’t be able to be told off again anytime soon by his colleagues for lying across the Common’s green benches.

So, there we have it, that’s your political week in preview. Now, sit back, relax and let the chaos continue.

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