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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 00:55

May fails to board in bus funding debate at PMQs

Today’s Prime Minister’s Question session saw the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, debating with the Prime Minister over fares and funding of busses across the United Kingdom. Corbyn asked whether Theresa May believed that the rising fares and lower passengers on buses reflected her failure to improve public transports in the UK. In addition, both Leaders paid tributes to the NHS for its 70th year of service. Corbyn, however, demanded increased funding for the National Health Service.

On the issue of buses, the Prime Minister responded by blaming local authorities, saying that they are responsible for the management of public transport within their communities. On the question of increased NHS funding, May attacked Corbyn, saying that during the election campaign, the Labour Party proposed a 2.2% increase in NHS funding. The Conservatives, instead, plan to give to the NHS 3.4% a year.

The Leader of the Opposition went on saying that since 2010, the Government has cut 46% from bus budgets, with elderly and disabled being intensely affected by the lack of bus routes. The Prime Minister reiterated her point of local authorities’ responsibility, while the Leader of the Opposition argued that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, froze bus fares as he promised during his campaign.

Guglielmo’s Verdict:

As the topic of buses was not one of the expected ones, by the end of the session it was apparent that Jeremy Corbyn had won the debate as he was being better prepared on the effects that the lack of bus routes have on local communities, thus leaving the Prime Minister exposed to questions she maybe did not have the answers for.

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