Friday, 19 August 2022 – 12:57

Boris’ first week: A week in preview

Britain and America

With the end of the Tory leadership contest and parliament now on recess, politics in Britain is rather slow. This does not, however, meant there is nothing going on; this week sees one member of Boris’ Brexit war cabinet – Dominic Raab – head to the United States in search of a trade deal. In recent days’, President Donald Trump has appeared as though he will be receptive to Raab – stating that Britain will get a good deal with the United States.

The terms of this trade deal certainly won’t be thrashed out in the coming days, instead, it is likely that Raab will be seeking assurances from the United States government about how a future UK-US relationship will look; something Boris Johnson will undoubtedly use as leverage against the EU in the coming months.

Boris’ first week

Boris Johnson’s first few days were full campaign mode. The first day after taking office, Boris Johnson faced off Jeremy Corbyn at the dispatch box; travelling to Birmingham and Manchester in the subsequent two days. This has largely seen a bump in the polls for the Conservatives, but the coming week will likely have to shift towards policy.

Many of his own supporters suggest that he is best placed in the cheerleading and campaigning mode, but it is unlikely that he will be kept away from the serious business for long. The ongoing Iranian crisis, as well as the ticking Brexit clock, will see Boris tackle the big issues of the day in the coming weeks; his political metal will really be tested.

US gun debate

A mass shooting that left three dead at a music festival will undoubtedly bring the gun debate to the fore once again. The shooting at Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California was the 246th mass shooting in the United States this year; clearly highlighting that the problem of mass gun violence still rocks the country.

The Republican Party, backed by the NRA will undoubtedly try to prevent any more reforms, but given the young demographic of those impacted, the heart-wrenching deaths will likely renew calls for gun reform; the upcoming week will certainly be dominated by this tragedy once again.

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