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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 23:19

Australian elections and ongoing anti-Semitism: A week in preview


We are still waiting for a breakthrough in Brexit discussion after talks have seemingly gone quiet. This has to be tempered by the fact we are reportedly set to see another deal put before parliament before the European Parliament elections next week.

This has come in the background of growing support for the Brexit party, led by Nigel Farage, with the coming week likely to see growing heat, as the Brexit party storm ahead of the major parties in the EU election polls.


Australia heads to the polls on Saturday to choose their next Prime Minister. Currently, it appears as though the Labor Party will win the election, with Bill Shorten likely to become the countries third leader within a year.

The Labor party lead the incumbent Liberal party and its leader Scott Morrison only marginally in the polls, however, its parliamentary system – similar to that of the UK – is likely to hand Labor a convincing victory.

The Australian election has been dominated by personalities and character, with the Labor party aiming to project unity after several years of frequent leadership spills that have prevented any Prime Minister facing two consecutive elections for over a decade.

Discover more about the Australian election.


Anti-Semitism is set to dominate the headlines in this coming week, as flippant remarks are once again revealing the underbelly of hatred in the UK today.

After violence erupted during the Israel-Palestine conflict this week, a pro-Palestine march was organised in solidarity with the much-oppressed peoples.

This event, however, was marred by speakers who spouted anti-Semitic remarks, whilst Brexit party leader Nigel Farage also welcomed anti-Semitic ideas whilst criticising US billionaire George Soros.

This shows that the prevalent vilification is not confined to one party and we are likely to see this dominate the media once again, as the ugly underbelly in British politics is revealed once again.


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