Saturday, 2 July 2022 – 18:49

American-Iranian war and Boris’ greatest threat: a week in preview

Tory Leadership

The Tory leadership race enters its third week, and the result for the first time seems as though it could be in doubt. Shortly after Boris Johnson sailed into the final two, with Jeremy Hunt as his seemingly handpicked competitor, news broke of an argument with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

The fallout from this is likely to rage on in this coming week, with Boris Johnson being increasingly pressured into talking about the domestic dispute. Although it appears to be rather dull as a story, press questions will likely increasingly heat up and it is likely that Boris’ lead over Jeremy Hunt will close.

It likely isn’t enough to threaten his bid for leadership, but it will cause increasing pressure for the candidate in the coming week.

America and Iran

Meanwhile, the Iran affair is unlikely to go away. After Donald Trump aborted an attack on Iran just hours before its launch, the turf war in his cabinet will only hot up.

Over this weekend Trump has hit out at members of his cabinet who are pushing America towards war with Iran, namely John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, for their attempts to manufacture a war with Iran. Trump has clearly set his stall that he wants to avoid war, however, with his cabinet still pushing for intervention, it is likely that the story will not go quietly.

I would expect public statements to rage on, in the coming week, with possible leaks and perhaps even a cabinet official being forced out over this ongoing extremely dangerous turf war.

The Czech Republic and Sudan

The Sudan crisis continues to escalate, with still relatively little attention being paid by the west to the ongoing atrocities in the nation. Although we can expect some limited reporting on the story in the next week, we are likely to see it circumvented by a growing crisis in the Czech Republic.

The protest has escalated in recent days following corruption allegations against the nation’s prime minister, Andrej Babis. The PM is facing a criminal investigation over fraud, with increasing pressure mounting for him to leave office.

I would expect significant movement on this story in the coming days, with protest likely to mount yet further.

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