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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 10:47

Huawei to be alllowed limited role in UK 5G network

Chinese tech firm Huawei is to continue to be allowed involvement in the UK’s 5G networks, but with restrictions.

The decision was made by the government on Tuesday following over a year of discussions about the Chinese firm’s involvement in technology infrastructure.

The company has been designated a “high-risk vendor”, but will be allowed to build non-core elements of the UK’s 5G network. Huawei will not be allowed to build in areas near military bases or nuclear sites.

In a statement, the UK chief of Huawei said;

“Huawei is reassured by the UK government’s confirmation that we can continue working with our customers to keep the 5G roll-out on track”

“It gives the UK access to world-leading technology and ensures a competitive market.”

Huawei has said that it would never take orders from the Chinese government, however many feared that the UK could become technologically dependent on China if the company was given full scope to provide infrastructure for the network.

The US has advised the UK and other countries over the last year to avoid involvements with Huawei over national security concerns.

The decision by the government falls short of a fall ban that some were calling for. Four 5G networks currently exist in the UK, with three using some equipment from Huawei.


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