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Monday, 24 June 2024 – 07:26

How Long Will Theresa May’s Proposal Stay On The Table?

Theresa May has arguably got lucky twice in the past few months. The latest Brexit deal was approved by the EU27 in Brussels earlier today but now faces major opposition in Parliament.

What has Theresa May agreed to?

The new withdrawal deal is 599 pages long – it is easy to say May does not know what she has agreed to but more than a few things are clear.

To exit the EU, as planned, on March 29th, it will cost the UK £39 billion in a “divorce bill” whilst keeping the citizens’ rights of Northern Ireland “backstop”. Effectively keeping a border in Northern Ireland even if trade talks become ineffective over the next few months.

The bill also talks over the trade and security relationship between the UK and Europe. Irish Prime minister, Leo Varadkar supports the UK Prime Minister saying “any other deal really only exists in people’s imagination”.

As with all politics, there are critics of Theresa May’s politics. Jeremy Corbyn has responded to the new deal as “the worst of all worlds”.

He has claimed his party will oppose any bill put in parliament that is not “a sensible deal” and is willing to work with Mrs May to “block a no deal outcome”.

Theresa May even faces a backlash from former Conservative MP’s, whom Ian Duncan Smith says would not support May or at least find it “very, very difficult”.

“I don’t believe that, so far, this deal delivers on what the British people really voted for,” telling Sky News, “I think it has ceded too much control.”


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