The Speaker
Monday, 24 June 2024 – 07:12

Boris and Sudan: Previewing a week in politics

Leadership Contest 

The Conservative party leadership election keeps rolling on, with another five hustings scheduled to take place in the coming week, with London and Gloucestershire amongst the regions the candidates are set to visit. These hustings, however, will not change much, with Boris Johnson’s lead becoming increasingly insurmountable.

This will come as no consolation, however, to the general public, who still have to face two more weeks of the contest before a successor to Theresa May is finally announced and invited to form a government.


The crisis in Sudan looks as though it could be heading towards a solution, with an agreement between both sides in recent days. Although the position remains fragile, it is increasingly likely that Sudan will begin to move beyond their governmental issues, instead of moving towards a peaceful solution that settles all sides.

Although I would not be surprised if the process turns sour, the coming week is likely to see the most progress in terms of uniting the factions and moving towards a peaceful long term solution.

Hong Kong

The situation in Hong Kong continues to rage on, following demonstrations last week that eventually saw the breaking into government buildings. China has ramped up the pressure on foreign governments, particularly Britain (the former colonial ruler of Hong Kong), to stop interfering.

However, as China’s grip on the territory is tested, it is likely that we will see an increasing confrontation between the Chinese government and the western allies advocating for the protesters needs to be met.



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