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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 08:10

Change in Indian constitution stops introduction of teaching of Hindi

After receiving strong opposition from South Indian states such as Tamil Nadu, the Indian Government had revised the constitution in which it obliges Indian schools to teach Hindi in addition to English and the regional language.

Even so, tensions have not cooled down as political parties within the state of Tamil Nadu, DMK and AIADMK believe that the government will find a way to introduce Hindi into Indian schools regardless of the revision.

In addition to political parties, the issue has received negative backlash within India, with people coming to Twitter frequently using the hashtag #HindiIsNotTheNationalLanguage and made posts criticizing the whole issue. 

A senior political analyst and Journalist, KN Arun has stated during an interview with the BBC that there are actually no opposition to study Hindi, as it will grant more job opportunities. He also stated that the imposition of the language is the reason for the opposition, and if not treated properly could cause considerable social unrest

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