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Slovenian PM announces resignation

Slovenian PM announces resignation

Marjan Šarec, the Prime Minister of Slovenia has announced his resignation, saying it has become too difficult to get legislation passed through Parliament.

Šarec announced his resignation on Monday after serving as the head of a governing coalition consisting of five parties since 2018. The coalition has struggled to get bills through Parliament since it lost the informal support of the opposition Left Party in November 2019.

In a statement, Mr Šarec said,

"With this coalition, this situation in parliament, I cannot fulfill the expectations of the people. I would be able to fulfill them after an election"

Mr Šarec has served as the 9th Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, before which he was a comedian and satirist.

It is expected that if a new coalition cannot be formed, a snap general election will take place.


Photo Credit: STA [CC BY-SA]

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