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Liberal Democrats launch election manifesto

Liberal Democrats launch election manifesto

The Lib Dems have unveiled their election manifesto ahead of the UK heading to the polls on December 12.

The manifesto, entitled 'Stop Brexit, Build A Brighter Britain' was launched by Jo Swinson on Wednesday. The party's central election pledge is to revoke Article 50 if the party wins a majority in the upcoming election and to fight for a second referendum in other circumstances. The party's other key pledges include;

  • £130 billion investment for infrastructure to upgrade transport and energy systems
  • Restore corporation tax to 20%
  • Reversing school funding cuts
  • Employing an extra 20,000 teachers
  • Scrap SATs in schools
  • Insulate all homes in Britain by 2030
  • Freeze rail fares and season ticket prices
  • Invest £1 billion into community policing

The party's full manifesto can be found at

The party says that it has fully-costed its manifesto, however, some have raised questions over whether the policies could be delivered if Brexit isn't stopped. The party has claimed that stopping Brexit would provide a £50 billion Remain Bonus, which they intend to spend on improving public services and tackling inequality.

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Photo Credit: Liberal Democrats via Flickr under licence (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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