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Labour Party hit by DDOS cyber attack

Labour Party hit by DDOS cyber attack

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the Labour Party has been hit by a cyber attack.

The Labour leader said the attack was "suspicious" and "something one is very worried about", but said that it was not believed that any information or data had been downloaded from the party's systems.

Mr Corbyn had described the attack, which was reported to the National Cyber Security Centre as "very serious".

However, it is thought that the attack was in the form of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack - a relatively unsophisticated attack where websites, online platforms and services are bombarded with traffic until they collapse. 

The National Cyber Security Centre said in a statement that the Labour Party had followed the correct procedure in responding to the attack and said, "The attack was not successful and the incident is now closed."

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