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Thursday, 30 May 2024 – 17:46
UK Houses of Parliament

Government loses control over Commons agenda in new defeat over Brexit

MPs are to vote on alternatives to the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal after they seized control of the House of Commons’ agenda following a series of votes on Monday evening. 

A defeat for the government on an amendment proposed by ex-minister and Conservative Party MP, Sir Oliver Lewtin has seen the governmnet lose control of the COmmons Parliamentary agenda. MPs must now vote on a series of Brexit options on Wednesday, likely to include;

– No Deal

– Theresa May’s Deal

– A Norway-Style Deal

– A Customs Union

– A Second Referendum

– Revoking Article 50

Three ministers resigned on Monday in order to rebel against the government. Theresa May is meeting with her top team on Tuesday to discuss the way forward.

Just a day after the PM said there was not enough support for her deal, some MPs have indicated they may be willing to support the PM’s deal, as they fear there could be no other way forward.


Stay tuned for more as this story continues to develop.

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