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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 08:09

Government announces Brexit Day plans

The government has this week announced plans to mark Brexit Day on January 31.

A countdown clock is to be projected on to Downing Street ahead of the 23:00 departure from the European Union, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also to give an address to the nation on the same night. A special 50p coin to mark the departure from the EU will be released into circulation following Brexit Day, and various locally organised events can additionally be expected to take place.

A cabinet meeting is also expected to be held in the North of England on January 31.

Despite a crowdfunding campaign, Big Ben will not chime on Brexit Day. More than £200,000 had been raised of the £500,000 thought to be needed to cover the costs, but the House of Commons authorities said the cost could not be justified. The House of Commons Commission also raised concerns over the use of public donations to fund the event. 

Conservation works on Big Ben began in 2017 and are set to continue until 2021. The famous clock has only chimed on scheduled special occasions since the works began.

The UK is now due to leave the EU in just 12 days, and will then enter a transition period in order to negotiate a future relationship and trade deal.

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