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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 00:55

Gary Lineker backs campaign for second Brexit referendum

Gary Lineker, a former footballer for England and current broadcaster, has supported the campaign for a second Brexit referendum, stating that Brexit is “going very wrongly”.

He also said: “Some things in life are more important than football.”

“The politicians seem unable to resolve the problem the people gave them in voting to Leave. That is why I think there should be a People’s Vote on the final deal, and why I am sending best wishes and good luck to the campaigners who will be stepping up the pressure over the summer.”

He is currently supporting the People’s Vote group which has been planning some rallies and protests across the country in order to make a difference by calling for a second referendum for the people to have a say in the final Brexit deal.

The rallies will take place in Bristol, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham and Liverpool over the next month.


“Whether you voted Leave or Remain, did anyone really vote for the mess we seem to be in, let alone the prospect of no deal with all the terrible consequences attached to that?”

The government has ruled out many calls for a second referendum however, the People’s Vote campaign plans to stage a protest in London which is said to be one of the biggest Brexit protests yet.

Lineker along with Liberal-Democrats and Labour MPs have backed the People’s Vote. The campaign is trying to gather a large number of MPs to back the referendum which will give the public a say in the Brexit deal the prime minister is planning to strike with the EU in Brussels. 

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