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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 07:48

Free cooking classes and food inspiration during COVID-19 lockdown

The lockdown amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has led many people to the kitchen to create some tasty treats.

Many people love cooking, but often don’t get the time to do it, so are using the COVID-19 lockdown to make some favourites and also try new recipes in the kitchen. It’s likely that you will have seen photos of people’s creations and masterpieces over recent days on social media. It’s also possible that you may have seen or at least heard about some kitchen disasters – turns out we may not all be the Michelin star chefs we claim to be… ?

Fortunately, help is now just a few clicks away on social media as a number of chefs and restaurants are offering free cooking classes during the lockdown. Wagamama are publishing their #wokfromhome series on their Instagram profile, while Jamie Oliver has been hosting his show ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’, available to watch on Channel 4 and on-demand.

The BBC has also announced a sister show to Saturday Kitchen, where chef Matt Tebbutt and cookbook author Jack Monroe will present ‘Daily Kitchen Live’ every weekday for two weeks from 13 April.

The shows and classes on TV and social media will hopefully provide many with inspiration for what to cook, and also some tips for working in the home kitchen, helping people to get some enjoyment during these difficult times.

Whatsmore, if you are missing fast food or food from your favourite restaurant, some restaurants are now providing some recipes online, including McDonald’s, who has published a recipe for its Sausage and Egg McMuffin.


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