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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 – 20:12

Football clubs support their communities amid Coronavirus pandemic

Football clubs are supporting the elderly and the vulnerable in their communities amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

A number of members of the Norwich City squad are maintaining contact with elderly supporters over the phone, checking if they are okay and require any support during the lockdown.

Tim Krul, a goalkeeper for the Premier League side said, “all the players of the club received a list with the telephone numbers of dozens of elderly people”.

Describing interactions with the elderly, Krul said;

“We call them every week and if there is a mental or physical problem, we report it to Norwich City. However, it usually concerns a nice conversation about football and that is very much appreciated.”

“My neighbour is 94 and I recently helped her with the shopping. Little effort, great pleasure.”

Krul urged other members of the public to support members of their community amid the pandemic, speaking on BBC Local Radio.

Other Premier League clubs, as well as clubs from other leagues, are also working to help people in the community amid the pandemic, including Brighton Albion, who have launched a telephone campaign to check in on elderly and vulnerable supporters.

Brighton were among a number of clubs to donate hundreds of meals to local homeless charities earlier this month, with fixtures postponed. 

Football in the UK is suspended until at least 30 April, but clubs are still playing a vital role in the community.


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