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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 11:41

Farage Makes Return To Politics; New Party Alliances

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

After heading the Leave campaign in a historic vote to leave the European Union, Farage almost immediately ducked for cover from the onslaught of both the Remain and Leave voters, alike. Key ‘facts’ were scrutinized from all accounts and the morning after the aforementioned vote, new ‘facts’ came to light. The Leave campaign not only distorted key information used as propaganda tools and incentives to sway public opinion, but also blatantly lied about the availability of funds to the UK upon Brexit, and furthermore, Farage’s time as leader of the UKIP party ended in December. 

In the months since Farage quit his party in December, leading the party into near disarray, Farage claims UKIP was no longer “the right political vehicle” to put forth his policies.

What is Farage looking for now?

Farage is now seeking the “[right vehicle]” to fight for the hard Brexit he once campaigned for, should the European Union elections in May cause further delay in exiting the European Union.

What is Farage Planning?

Always an instigator for brute nationalism, Farage says we should “just leave” the EU without a deal on Brexit, as he see’s the only reason we have yet to come to terms with the EU is a lack of “the will” from Theresa May and the government, to do so.

Active in the fight to leave the EU, Farage has taken up the seat of Vice-Chairman in the ‘Leave Means Leave’ group, to which he claims several business figureheads as well as cross party support, have come to his aid. 

Farage comes back with fighting force, saying “We are getting ready, we are building branches and structure all over the country. I hope we never ever have to effectively use this vehicle but we are building it.”

What for?

Throughout Theresa May’s campaign, she have undoubtedly reiterated her stance on leaving the European Union on March 29th, once and for all. Should negotiations with the EU fail to meet UK Parliaments satisfaction, the Prime Minister seems to suggest her plan of action going forward, would be for the UK to leave the EU with no deal, aligning Farage’s campaign with the Prime Minister’s.

However, this is not a popular outcome in Parliament, and other outcomes have been suggested, as the EU have told the BBC and other national press’, the UK could extend Article 50, without a European vote, meaning should UK Parliament agree to hold a new referendum, hold a vote of no confidence in the PM which leads to Theresa May’s termination as Prime Minister and other hypothetical scenario’s, there would be time to both campaign and renegotiate on the Brexit deal. 

As the UK engage’s in another ‘civil war’ of sorts, between the Leave and Remain, Conservative and Labour, and more fractious infighting, almost all leading parties agree that in order to have another Referendum/People’s Vote, Article 50 will need to be extended in order to allow time for the necessary arrangements. 

Farage, never one to miss an opportunity, now steals the limelight in what he hopes will turn out to be a triumphant return.

Where has he been over the last 2 years?

Too little? Too late?

You decide.

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